Linda Cropp Loses DC Mayoral Primary

Fenty Prevails in Mayor’s Race

I was so glad to see this headline in the The Washington Post this morning.  It is not because I am an Adrian Fenty supporter or even that I think Linda Cropp couldn’t have been a good mayor for Washington, DC.  It is the way Cropp plays the game that bothered me.

For those who are not aware, the District of Columbia is heavily Democrat.  Therefore, the winner of the Democratic Mayoral Primary for DC is essentially assured of being elected Mayor in November.

It was Linda Cropp, Chairman of the DC Council who almost two years ago almost cost the Nation’s Capital from having a long-needed and long-missed Major League Baseball team.  Chairman Cropp wasn’t wrong about questioning the financial implications to the city of the deal that had been struck with Major League Baseball.  She actually was right to raise the issue.  What is bothersome to me is how she did it and that she made the issue not about the city, but about herself.

Read Mayor Anthony Williams Memo fo Nov 5, 2004

It is clear that she took the approach she did to gain notoriety and to further her political aspirations. Such behavior by a politician is not new.  In fact, one might even consider it commonplace.

So while Chairman Cropp might have made a good mayor, one has to be concerned how she might act upon an issue which while not being the best for the City, could further her political aspirations.

But the people have spoken and Linda Cropp is out.  Citizens of DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland now enjoy having a Major League team in the Nation’s Capital.  Yes, the area also has had the Baltimore Orioles to root for, but the owner is inept and why should citiizens of the District send their money to some owner in Baltimore?

The new stadium to be built on the Anacostia Waterfront appears to be exciting and new.  Businesses will begin opening in this area which has long suffered from economic troubles.  A new influx of revenue will revitalize Southeast DC and help the the city’s coffers to support better education, living conditions and support services for the everyone.  And Linda Cropp wanted to stop all that to further her political career.

DC is better of with the Nationals and without Linda Cropp.

Most importantly, the Nationals play in the National League which means

1) We get to see what I consider “real baseball” without designated hitters

2)  I will be able to see my beloved Cubbies in person without having to travel to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or any other National League city.

And isn’t that the point?  It’s all about me.  Wait, did I just channel Linda Cropp?


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