Top 10 Questions About Home Schooling

Top 10 Questions About Home Schooling 

 1.  Do the kid’s bring their lunch or can they buy?

 2.  Once you graduate and move out is every time you come back “Homecoming Weekend”?

  3.  Can the Mailman be your school mascot or does it have to be one of your pets? 

  4.  Does mold growing on a half eaten Pop Tart under your bed count as a science project? 

  5.  If you live in a trailer, and you drive it to visit a museum, is this really a field trip since you never really left your school?

  6.  What happens when you miss the bus in the morning?

  7.  How do you hold Parent-Teacher conferences and what if you don’t agree with the Teacher about your child? 

  8.  Does your teacher grade on the curve?

  9.  Will you recognize many people at your 10 year reunion?

10.  Why do the visual aids for Sex Education look ‘used’? 


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