When “Ocho” is a “No No”, Part III

When we last visited the “Ocho Incident”, I was complaining about our league’s Program Director not having a backbone and being more concerned with how this would make him look than how it might effect the player.

I finally received an email back from our Program Director.  He talked it over with our league president who agreed that the other team’s coach using the term Ocho in the way he did was inappropriate.  (We sure have a lot of different Presidents, Commissioners and Directors, don’t we? and no shit that the use was inappropriate!)

So our PD has taken to the Board and it will be on this Thursday night’s agenda where I am sure our PD will only give part of the story and not position this as offensive as it is.   Everyone will be mortified on the outside, relieved on the inside that it wasn’t them, and the coach will get  “spoken to.”  Period. Case Closed.

So how do I feel about this?

I am not very happy because I think overall this was not treated with the seriousness it should have been nor will it be treated by Board with the seriousness it should be.   

I am glad that I did not back down in terms of pushing to get this discussed and in the end maybe someone will realize that this is wrong.  It may not change what people think but it will hopefully change how they act.

Check back here to see if anything comes out of Thursday’s meeting.


2 responses to “When “Ocho” is a “No No”, Part III

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  2. I agree with you on this one.

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