All-Met Linebacker Said To Be Robbery Ringleader

Robert Warren
 testifies that Pat Lazear, above, was not only the driver of the get-away car in a robbery of a Smoothie King, but was also the ringleader behind the scheme.

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One response to “All-Met Linebacker Said To Be Robbery Ringleader

  1. obviously as the name reads you get that i go to whitman. i am though, a year younger then the guys that robbed the smoothie king. these guys were in my classes, i passed by them everyday. yeah they were idiots for doing this but your judgements are being made, without finding out all the facts. I was not friends with any of them, but i knew them. Pat Lazear was a normal guy. thats it. he got recruited by colleges because he was good. no other reason. he was probably the best player in our schools history. he had good grades and wasnt an idiot. yeah he led the football team, but that doesnt mean he led everything. he was well liked but he wasnt like head of his grade. be my guest to argue, but how many kids thier sophomore year in highschool, at 15, can take down 3 guys in one tackle? and in one of ur earlier articles you said the coaches from colleges could not contact pat? yeah well i can tell you i remeber seeing the osu coach in our gym, the day pat got arrested actually, of course the coach didnt know about that yet, he was informed pat had taken ill. we saw so many coaches in and out of the athletic office it was rediculous. anyways im not saying he is innocent but the stuff robert is claiming is bull shit. robert had major anger management problems. not only that but he had been convicted of many crimes before he even came to the school. do you know why he transfered to whitman from kennedy? he was expelled for assaulting a teacher! yeah.. then at the beginning of last year, he had so many anger issues he left football. then of course wrestling season happend, and every loss wass followed my shrieking and yelling and hate toward everyone. the coach has to litterally grab him and throw him out of the gym because he was scaring the parents. i remember aswell after it all happened, robert coming into class one day saying “i dont know how every one found out” and his friend said “you robbed a smoothie king dude” and roberts response “yeeah i know it was awesome.” yeah im sure pat totally made him do everything.. you mean cause pats the one who still has a huge future, and roberts is turning in friends, yet will still go no where in life? way to be a good friend. how can u trust someone who would rat on his friends. even if it were true, it was his decision.

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