Sundays, Syrup and Bacon

I enjoy Sundays…..most of the time.  But today is especially sweet.

With two away at college, the weekends have truly been less stressful this Fall, but to be honest I haven’t really felt like my wife or I have had much additional free time.  I’m not complaining and when our two older ones left for college, I never really was anticipating having free time, but I guess as I recently looked at the decrease in the number of activities on our schedule I thought, “Man, we don’t have as much going on but they all seem to be scattered just so.  There is no stopping.”  And that is what was so great about today.  Free time.

My son had a retreat at church as part of his confirmation process and my wife took our daughter shopping for things for her Halloween costume.  The Redskins have a bye and the Colts don’t play until 4:15 pm.  What this meant is I actually have three hours all to myself.  No guilt of not spending time with my children, no guilt of not watching football on TV, no guilt of not doing something work related.

Unfortunately, there is plenty to do in the yard or around the house, but nothing urgent.  Also, please don’t bring down my buzz about the leaves that need raking, the basement that could use reorganizing or the end of the year video for my son’s football team that I haven’t even started and needs to be done in two weeks.  All of these will be there tomorrow.  But the freedom, the opportunity I have to do something truly relaxing and for me won’t be.

How have I chosen to spend this three hours of free time?  With you.  Ok, that sounds trite.  Actually I have chosen to spend it at a local coffee shop.  Drinking coffee, watching people, listening to music on my mp3 player, writing this blog, attempting the Sunday crossword puzzle and if I was reading a good book right now, I would probably have spent the balance of time reading it.

Afternoons like these are so rare one should treasure them.  We all have far too much pressure on ourselves to be here or there or do this or that, that we never really spend our time doing the things we really want to do. 


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