Welcome intendo.wordpress.com Fans

So curiosity got the best of you, huh? 

You are probably wondering why Ryan would link to a blog like mine and why it would be through the word “meaningful”.     My comment.

So maybe my comment was a little harsh. And maybe it was out of place considering it was on a gaming site.  But the  “pro-Nintendo and anti-people” statement?  Come on.

And that is what got my fingers typing.

If you read enough of my posts while you are here,  you will realize that I am seriously concerned and frustrated with where teens are headed today.  I don’t blame television, or games or hip hop music or the Internet or any other supposed influence that is leading to this downfall.  These are merely among the many tools that are used by the real problem.

I blame it on people like me.  Adults, parents, coaches, politicians, teachers – all of these  individuals who are in a position to help shape kids morals, values and priorities and help them mature appropriately.   We are putting our interests first, trying to living vicariously through youth and exploiting them for our own personal gain.

And the result is haunting.  Armed Robberies, anti-Semitic acts, stabbings over a simple misguided comment, teen sex and pregnancy.  I know that none of this is anything new.  It has be going on for generations.  But doesn’t it seem that these things are now so much more a part of everyday life and accepted as the norm rather than being looked upon for what they are?

I am not advocating doing away with what some may consider the negative influences.  I enjoy many of these myself.  But I am an adult.  I understand the difference between reality and fantasy.  And as an adult it is our responsibility to try and limit what our kids are exposed to until they are mature enough to make the distinction.  And when they are exposed, it is our job to present kids with the information to understand this difference. 

So when I see a statement from a young person like  “pro-Nintendo and anti-people” and all the energy being spent reviewing a game, I have to grow concerned about what influences are driving this person.  Is there a balance in their live?  Do they understand that Nintendo is a game?

And yes, I know that they are trying to be humorous through satire or cynicism like the soup kitchen comment. 

So look around while you are here.  Broaden your horizons and see if you can pull yourself away from the console long enough to help someone else. 


3 responses to “Welcome intendo.wordpress.com Fans

  1. Hello…Matt is your name? I saw that somewhere in the link, but i don’t see it here. I’ll assume that’s you. I’m Rollin, and i wrote the post you commented on and the comment you referenced here.

    There’s a miscontruence in what you read, which is partly my fault. The quote should’ve been read the way it was written: “Jack is very pro-Nintendo and very anti-everyone else. I am pro-Nintendo and anti-people like him.

    What i was trying to illustrate – and my lack of more dashes hurt the statement – is that i was against people like him. People who make their decisions and choose what to and not to buy based on what one corporation says. I think you’d agree that this kind of blind brand loyalty is also unhealthy for the youth. (By the way, all of the writers at Intendo are in our 20s.)

    People like that who go around selling products to young people from companies they have no stake in pretty much decide where your dollars – assuming you give your kids money – are going. It wasn’t any sort of misanthropic declaration on my part. I just don’t like company representatives who don’t have any actual attachment to the company. They take a simple pasttime and turn it into advertising.

    It’s a hobby, we know it’s a hobby, and what our site is all about is pointing out those who take it too far into marketing territory, thus taking it too seriously and convincing impressionable young’uns that it is worth it. We don’t like that, it’s rhetoric, and i hate politics.

    I understand where you’re coming from, but you sort of jumped the gun on what you said.

    And i agree with your statement of who’s to blame for the corruption of the teenage. The adults who influence them with a particular skew are the devils of society. Young people are too easy to sway, and adults know this. They also rarely get involved with the intake of what can be seen as a wrong influence, such as letting a kid play a game for too many hours, letting them listen to stuff that really isn’t suited for them, and such things. At the same time, parents need to know when censorship goes overboard.

    No hard feelings.

  2. Dude, to be honest, your comment was neither harsh nor without reason, but it really was just funny in the way that it was just so out of place.

    Rollin pointed out most of the things I would’ve said, so I’ll just add this on a personal level.

    While I’m no saint and I spend an inordinate amount of time playing videogames, I also find time to use my skills to help out a local environmental organization and other charitable institutions.

    Just because people are passionate about games doesn’t mean that’s all there is in their lives. Like you said, broaden your horizons a bit. You might be surprised.

    Oh and uh, about linking to you, I just couldn’t help it. I was writing the article and it just seemed like the perfect ending to it. 🙂 Hey at least you got a few more hits eh? Cheers.

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