Super Bowl Update

Last week I wrote that my son’s team was playing in their league’s Super Bowl.

For those wondering the outcome – we won! The final score was 6 – 0 in overtime.

It was a great game played mostly between the 20 yard lines as both teams really stepped up and all the kids gave their all.

The Overtime portion of the game was also truly exciting and well, you really need to see it to believe it.

My son is #30 for Damascus in Green Look for his block on Damascus’ 3rd down play. 

I truly think every kid out there was able to go home that night, win or lose, and say “I Did My Best!”


One response to “Super Bowl Update

  1. Coach James of the Manteno Wildcats (IL)

    Wow.. that video is truly amazing. The site is great to. This is my first year of coaching. I dont have a kid on the team but it just feels nice to give something back to the kids. All of the other coaches are over 30 and im the only 20 year old. The kids enjoy that because i played high school football only a few years ago and theres some sort of connection about that haha. Our team is 7-1 and finished second in our division. We have a first round bye, and a game next week again one of two team whom we beat by 20 or more points. Of course im not taking them lightly. Anyway i hope and wish that we have a season like yours sir. Congrats to you and your team and do it again next year!

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