He Did It and It Really Is a Shame

A second teen pleads guilty in smoothie store robbery

Patrick Lazear could serve up to 18 months in prison

There it is in black and white in the Montogomery Gazette on Wednesday, November 29, 2006.

“Patrick Lazear, 17, considered to be one of the top college football prospects in the region, admitted to being the getaway driver and providing the replica 9mm gun used in the March 30 robbery of a Wisconsin Avenue Smoothie King store. “

Ok, so all you “Whitman Faithful”, we waited for “all the facts to come out” but because Lazear took a plea bargain, we will never here them in his case.  Or did we hear the only one that matters. 

‘‘It holds him accountable,” DeGonia told reporters after the hearing. ‘‘He admitted to his role in this, that he entered into an illegal agreement to do an illegal act.”

He did it.  He admitted it.  He’s GUILTY.

I apologize for gloating.  I am not happy that he or any of the other kids were involved in this crime.  If I am to gloat about anything is that all you near sighted and foul mouthed “Whitman Faithful” were proven wrong.  But again, I am not going to gloat or say I told you so.

What I do want to say is, “NOW will you look in your own backyard?  NOW will you start to ask questions about how Walt Whitman High School and it’s Athletic Programs are being run?  NOW will you think twice about defending a kid who needs to be taught some modesty and humility?”

Pat Lazear screwed up and is paying for it.  Is Eren Civan next?  Maybe instead of applauding Goliath when he stomps off the field or the mat after completely humiliating his opponent you will tell him to straighten up and appreciate his talent.  Don’t rub people’s noses in it.   Have some respect for the guy who against all odds at least went out there and competed.

If you wake up now maybe your school, your community and some unsuspecting youth with unlimited potential will be saved from ever having to go through this again.

Pat Lazear screwed up. It is his fault.  It’s the kids he associated with fault.  It is his parents fault.  It is his teacher’s fault.  It is his coaches fault.  It is the administration’s fault.  It is all his adoring fans fault – the “Whitman Faithful”.  Everyone who ever had the opportunity to put some good moral sense in the kid’s head and didn’t do it becasue he was “special”.  You all are to blame.  And it is a true travesty.

Good night and sorry for the rant but this whole thing has me disturbed.  No one is going to learn from this and 10 years from now it will all be repeated.  Different kid, different town, different crime.  Same reason.


3 responses to “He Did It and It Really Is a Shame

  1. The lack of response on this item now that the truth has come out is amazing.

    Where are all of the adoring fans of Whitman football and the Whitman 5?

    What rings loud and clear is the fact that the Whitman 5 continue to get special treatment… totally different treatment than the treatment a Gaithersburg HS football standout busted for marijuna possession recieved this past spring.

    Mike Alvarado, the Gaithersburg HS football standout and class president wasn’t worthy of all the media coverage let alone a similar free pass before his court date. He lost it all!

    Double standards have no place in our school system nor our county.

    Tragically the message sent is that if you are from Whitman and a white male you get a free pass… if you are from Gaithersburg and a male of color you are not!

    We can only hope that when the Whitman five will finally check into jail sometime in 2007 they may finally get a grip.

  2. To the person who compared the Smoothie King robbery to Mike Alvarado getting busted for marijuana posession: they’re completely different cases. One person is doing drugs while another uses a fake gun to hold up a store his friend is working at. You’re an idiot. Go to hell.

  3. jkitterm………You are angry & hate Whitman….what gives? Pat Lazear will pay for his awful mistake, but you sure as hell shouldn’t judge him. Don’t believe everything you read in print. This page is a perfect example. I agree with GiGi, you are an idiot!!!! Get a job.

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