It’s Been a While…and That’s Life

So it has been a few days since I last posted on my blog. For those of you who have been checking for something new…I apologize.

Not much of out the ordinary in my life has really been happening, though.  I’ve done some Christmas shopping and spent some time with my boss who was in town from Dallas for some meetings.  Basically, I have spent time with my wife and kids and just hung around the house, basically, well, living life.  A simple life.

 No events or dramas, no tragedies or triumphs.  Just life.

Isn’t that what we all say we want?   To just live everyday with no complications or troubles, with our loved ones safe and our possessions intact.  Being free to enjoy all that we have and all those we love. 

But when we get it, well, we are bored or don’t fill fulfilled.  I can’t say that I felt either over the past few days and I viewed the reprieve from constant activity as just a break following a crazy fall of football and other things before I enter into all this winter has planned.  A chance to catch my breath and enjoy the simple life around me.

We all need these moments in our lives otherwise we wouldn’t appreciate those times when our lives are full of triumphs, tragedies, dramas and events.  So, I will go back to the comfort of my down time and prepare for whatever life hands me next.


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