Lazear & West Virginia

From Sunday, Feb. 18th in the Washinton Post: 

Lazear Signs With West Virginia

Smoothie King Robbery Had Dissuaded Other Schools

Ok.  Good for him.  But, bad for West Virginia. 

West Virginia has always been one of the schools that had the bad fortune of being located in a state that was the butt of jokes dealing with incest, rednecks and overall low IQ’s.  I have often felt the school has gotten a bum rap and  that their engineering and business management programs have never gotten the full recognition they deserve because of the reputation of the State they share a name with.

It has been guilt by association.

Being the quality school that The Univeristy of West Virginia is, I thought they would have avoided Pat.    Having worked hard to separate themselves from the stereotype of West Virginia, I really am surprised.

But I think I get it.  If you are going to viewed like those that people associate you with, why not associate with the best?  Ohio State University with it’s successful Felon Rehab Program ….I’m sorry… Football Team, and many other schools of the like, you can now add West Virginia to the list.  And isn’t that great company to be in.

WVU you have made a mistake.  Pat Lazear hasn’t proven he deserves a chance at college football or a free college education, yet.  The only remorse he has shown is that he got caught and that it has impacted his ability to play football in college. 

If West Virginia wants to sign him, fine.  Maybe their program is strict enough to straighten him out and help him learn what it means to be a productive member of society.  But he shouldn’t get a free ride and take the opportunity of a college education away from another student who played by the rules and avoided hurting others.


4 responses to “Lazear & West Virginia

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  2. Pat will redeem himself. I know and trust him in matters of life not just football. You should get acquainted with him and the state of West Virginia; both have much to offer.

  3. Hopefully a lesson was learned and a person will take advantage of a new opportunity.

  4. A very bad decision on the part of West Virginia. How is this kid ever going to truly learn from his stupid mistakes unless he’s removed from the thing he loves most.

    I was a Whitman student, and I did not know Pat very well. I’m sure he had a lot to offer in the right environment, but the fact was people treated him like a God and he became fat-headed and arrogant as a result; he felt nothing, including the law, could beat him.

    I would feel differently if he showed some remorse for his actions other than “this might ruin my football career” but from what I know he clearly showed that he cared about little other than himself and football.

    Humiliation in the media will do very little to this kid because he keeps being treated like a God in football. Take football away from him completely for awhile and he might actually learn something and change.

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