About This and Me

I plan to use this as an area where I can write my thoughts, express my views and share some observations – sometimes humorous and sometimes not.  Basically my letter to the world about my world.

I plan to post as the mood hits me.  Hopefully daily although there may be dry spells, but definitely not more than once a day.  If you find something I write to be funny – then I meant it to be.  If you find something I write to be deep – then I meant it to be.  If you find things I write to either not be funny or not be deep, well, then, either they weren’t meant to be or you need to lighten up.

So who am I?  Just a guy who lives in a small town outside and between two moderately large US cities.  I am married with four children and I have a full time “day job” that provides me with the luxury of working from home. I have always thought I would write a novel – OK, I know, a phrase like that on a blog would scare me away, too – but have never sat down to do it. I promise you that I do not plan to use this blog to fulfill that desire.

The small town I live in, let’s call it “Dtown”, fits all the stereotypes and images one might conjure up when they think of small town America.  A few stoplights, a local diner and pizza joint, ice cream stand and some fast food establishments.  Three banks, four gas stations, two barbers and one high school which during football season is the hub of all activity.  On a Friday night in the fall, everyone, and I do mean everyone, is at the high school football game.  If I ever contemplated becoming a house burglar, I would work only on Friday nights in the fall and do it in Dtown.  I would never get caught.

So you can probably begin to understand the title for my blog site – “Where Life is Simple…and the people are too”  as it really fits my surroundings.  Now don’t confuse my use of the word “simple” to describe people, as being the same as “dumb”.  I use it in only the most affectionate and appreciative way to show that we are all just simple folks with simple needs and wants.

I hope this has given you some insight as to what to expect on my blog and some perspective as to where my thoughts come from.  I could tell you a lot more about me but it is probably best to let this come out over time in my writing.

I hope you will check back frequently, leave me comments and enjoy what you find here.


2 responses to “About This and Me

  1. interesting profile…very nicely worded!

  2. I would like to contact you privately but could not find any info.


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