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In the Tribune

I certainly hope following the Super Bowl this past Sunday, Chicago fans woke up to see the following ad in the Chicago Tribune:


What a disgraceful showing in a Championship game.

Thank God we have Peyton.  GO COLTS!!!


Why It’s OK to Root for the Colts in Super Bowl

The Colts did it!  They were able to slay their nemesis of so many years and win yesterday to make it into the Super Bowl.    Manning sucked it up and he did the necessary things as QB to help the Colts come back from an 18 point deficit and win in the closing minutes.

And this was clearly not just a “Peyton Manning playing great so the Colts win” kind of game.  The defense stepped up to hold the Patriots to field goals instead of touchdowns.  Rhodes and Addai ran the ball great to keep the ball moving down field and Clark, Wayne, Harrison, Morehead, Utecht all made the catches on those all important 8 – 15 yard passes to help Indy ring up those first downs.

As for the other game yesterday, I am disappointed that the Saints and Drew Brees could not pull it out.  It really was a great Cinderella story.  Fortunately, I am not sad that it is the Bears who are going to the Super Bowl.  Having grown up in the midwest, I like all (ok, most) things Chicago – especially compared to anything in NY or LA.  I am a die hard Cubbie fan and grew up at a time when Dick Butkus roamed the D back field for the Bears.  I like Chicago and I like the Bears (the ’85 team rocked), so I am glad that they are going to the Super Bowl.  It is just too bad they had beat this year’s Saints to get there.

The bright side is the Colts are going to the Super Bowl. And if you are a Colts fan consider this about why it is better to play the Bears than the Saints

  1. You won’t feel bad when the Colts win because they aren’t dashing the hopes of the Katrina victims
  2. Tony Dungy is also African-American so you can’t feel bad if Lovie Smith loses
  3. Tony Dungy has been so close, so many times to making it to the Super Bowl that it will be okay to be happy when he wins
  4. The Colts have shown that no matter how great one of your players is, it takes a team to win
  5. Rex Grossman – ’nuff said.  Ok, maybe not.  He is from Indiana (good) Bloomington, Indiana (bad).  He chose to go to Florida to play football instead of staying in state and playing for the “Cradle of Quarterbacks” – Purdue University (BAD).


Sometimes a Laugh is the Best Prayer

I received an email from a Yahoo Group I belong to about one of our members named Curtis having to go into the hospital today for an angioplasty heart operation to alleviate a blockage.  When I first saw this I had concerns for Curtis as would be most people’s normal reaction and the outpouring of emails promising prayer’s and best wishes soon began to flow across the group.

You should know that this Yahoo Group is for members of a  musical  organization I belonged to right after college that had 120 members between 18 and 25 and we traveled together for a year.  You can imagine we are all pretty close.

As I read the various well wishes for Curtis, I thought this is great but this is not what he really needs.  Curtis was always one of the funnier people in our group.  He “got” jokes and understood that while on the surface something may seem offensive, it actually is quite funny.  Sometimes the absurd offensiveness of it was what made it funny.

Being that Curtis is from Wisconsin and in his early forties, I couldn’t help but picture Chris Farley and George Wendt on SNL doing “Da Bears”.  So I decided the best “prayer” I could provide for Curtis might be one that made him smile.  I sent him a note sharing my vision of him and Chris Farley and also said, “I am sure if you really didn’t want all this attention you would just let the blockage grow and then self-administer CPR to get the ol’ ticker going again. As you say in your email “Piece of cake” – chocolate cake I presume?”

Within no time I got the following email back from Curtis:

“You rock.  Damn right about the blockage!  I’m a Packer fan…a cheese-head!  When I’m out of the hospital I’m going to the nearest dive and ordering deep fried cheese-curds and a malt, and then I’ll wash it down with a BOILERMAKER!!  They can all kiss my be-hind.  Packers rule and cheese rules.”

I think Curtis will be ok.

Of course, I did silently pass his name on today to God.  No reason to take any chances.